Two recordings:

  --with Avreeayl Ra-- Avreeayl Ra is a master percussionist and creator of a holistically rooted approach to sound, collaboration, time, movement, and communication. He is a philosopher and teacher, powerfully generous and persistently challenging. Working together since 2008, El is a Sound of Joy is a collective of improvisors, instrument makers, recordists, composers, and field workers.

Avreeayl Ra - percussion Will Faber- guitar, flute, and bidiga Rob Frye- sax, flute, bass clarinet, bells Alex Inglizian - keyboards, radio, and electronics Ben Lamar Gay - cornet, voice, bells Steve Ptacek - percussion Recorded and mastered at Experimental Sound Studio by Alex Inglizian Mixed by El is a Sound of Joy

  - Ephemerides - In astronomy and celestial navigation, an ephemeris gives the positions of naturally occurring astronomical objects as well as artificial satellites in the sky at a given time or times.

Bridget Bancroft- voice, percussion Will Faber- guitar, flute, percussion Rob Frye- saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, percussion Ben Lamar Gay- cornet, synthesizer, voice, percussion Alex Inglizian- synthesizer, drum machine Steve Ptacek- percussion Recorded at Reuben’s Palace, Chicago, IL Mixed and Mastered by Rob Frye and Alex Inglizian
Sunday, September 11th
 Hegewisch Marsh ( 13200-13298 S. Torrence Ave.)- 3:00-5:00 
-"practicing body knowledge, or what we know without thinking" 

Saturday, August 27th, 5:30-7:30El is a Sound of Joy at  Steelworkers Park (East 87th at Lake Michigan) 
Inner ear exercises and improvisations at the steel shore
This Saturday, El is a Sound of Joy is continuing a series of collaborative projects in Steelworker's Park with artists Bridget Bancroft and Katharina Ritter.  Join us for an afternoon of exploratory movement exercises and solar powered music.

Taking place throughout the park, this participatory workshop presents accessible movement methods for exploring the embodied interactions of vision, sound, and physical balance. Exercises are inspired by the natural and social history of Steelworkers Park, the rooting habits of trees, the rhythms of machines, and the movement and balance of the body with respect to gravity, sound, and everyday objects.  

Visiting Steelworker's Park you will find the complex entanglements of nature returning to this site of former industry, where cottonwood trees grow alongside ore walls, and the lake's wave pass through barge slips.  

Also,  later that evening at Steelworkers Park: The Chicago Astronomer Joe Guzman will be offering public telescope viewing until 2:00am.  

This free program is presented as part of the Chicago Park District’s Night Out in the Parks series.

New Album available from No Index Recordings 

El is a Sound of Joy at Steelworkers Park at 87th and the lake on Sunday July 10th at 3:00-5:00.

Bridget Bancroft is going to be leading a yoga session during the first hour.  We are going to set up in an open field overlooking the lake to practice grounding down and rooting ourselves through breath and movement while playing an acoustic set inspired by the nature that surrounds us. After that, El will switch to solar powered amplifiers to accompany movement exercises and dancing. Steelworkers Park, it is a wild place where birds and native plants live among the giant iron ore wall canyons of the former South Works steel mill. BBQ / hang to follow.

Sunday, June 12th
Calumet Park (9801 S. Avenue G ) - 3:00-5:00
-an experimental movement and music workshop 

Sunday, July 10th 
Steelworkers Park (East 87th at Lake Michigan)- 3:00-5:00
-collective improvisations through resonant spaces 

Saturday, August 27th
Steelworkers Park (East 87th at Lake Michigan)- 5:30-7:30
- a creative dance class at the lake’s edge

Sunday, September 11th
 Hegewisch Marsh ( 13200-13298 S. Torrence Ave.)- 3:00-5:00 

-practicing body knowledge, or what we know without thinking

New Album available from No Index Recordings

Record Release Show: Friday, April 29, 8:00, at Heavy Petting, Chicago  w/ Gosh, BANAL ANML, Meester Magpie, DJ 99cents, MC John Ziemba

El at Elastic and Brain Frame - April 2014

Sunday April 6th at Elastic {{{{ Sunday April 20th at Brain Frame Will Faber: guitar, synthesizer, flutes, bidiga, percussion, dance Rob Frye: saxophone, flutes, flux bikes, loops, percussion Ben LaMar Gay: cornet, synthesizer, flutes percussion Alex Inglizian: synthesizer, electronics, sampler, guitar, percussion Ben Kolak: video, lights, mirrors Stephen Ptacek: percussion, flutes, gongs, voice
w/ interactive video installation
NOVEMBER 22, 2013 -- 9:30pm
3111 N Western Ave